Seven rules for creating gorgeous UI

I love this article from by Erik Kennedy – for someone like me with no design training, but an interest in UI (user interaction) and UX (user experience), it elucidates the design rules that you can see, but don’t know. A recommended read for anyone working with the internet.

7 rules for gorgeous UI

Also of interest is the content platform he’s published it on – Medium. Like Tumblr, but for long form written content, Medium is starting to take hold as a place to create and engage with great work.

VIDEO: hilarious real time marketing parody

Considering setting up a brand news room? Desperate to leverage real time marketing? Then you need to watch this hilarious parody video from the Toronto based advertising agency Johns St.

Like the best satire always does, it makes the point about becoming obsessed with feeding the social media reactionary beast, rather than having an idea. Or as the video says

“At first it was tricky,” @keri_vierler, a #speedwriter, explains. “We’d come up with an idea and send it out. But we learned pretty quickly it’s not about being funny or smart. It’s about being fast. So now we just write whatever pops into our heads.”

The other point to take from this video (and the others in the same series below), is what great content marketing it is for John St!  → CONTINUE READING ←

Mobile is eating the world

Here is a great presentation recently given by tech opinion leader Benedict Evans at a conference held by the Wall Street Journal just last month.

It’s one of those presentations that’s so mind blowing it can be a little hard to get your head around it. Safe to say that the emergence of mobile is not just important, but undoubtedly transformative.

Below I’ve also embedded the slides from the talk above should you like to use them. → CONTINUE READING ←